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Copyright is the exclusive right of the creator of a work, for example a book, music, scientific publication or work of art, to publish and reproduce it. This copyright rests with the creator.

In brief:

The content (including but not limited to textt, photos and logos) from this website may not be reproduced, stored in an automated data file and/or made public and/or used (whether or not in parts) for other websites or in any other way without written permission from us. be applied in any form. 

Our Cookie Policy:

Our website uses cookies. Cookies collect certain information about you and your device, such as your IP address, non-precise location of your device, the characteristics of your browser, the operating system on your device, etc. Some cookies are essential to make our website work properly and user-friendly. work and we therefore place them automatically. Other cookies are used by us or our partners to tailor the content of our websites, applications and communications and the advertisements shown to your possible personal preferences and to make them as relevant as possible to you, to improve the performance and effectiveness of our content and advertisements. to measure.

1. We place Essential cookies

Essential cookies are necessary to make our websites and applications work properly and in a user-friendly way and to provide access to our online services. Without these cookies, our websites and applications cannot function properly. These cookies are therefore always placed and do not require your permission.


2. Non-essential cookies

Non-essential cookies include:

  • Cookies that store and/or access information on a device

  • Personalized content cookies

  • Personalized advertising cookies

  • Social media cookies


Placing these cookies will always be requested in advance. We do this via the cookie setting tool that appears on your (mobile) screen 'ONLY' when we (will) use these non-essential cookies.

How can I manage the use of cookies?

You can also manage or refuse the installation of cookies through your browser settings. You can delete cookies that have already been installed on your device at any time. You can find more information via the links below:


If you use a different browser, please follow these instructions: However, this website only exists in English.

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