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  • Roofs / Roof repairs / Roof renovations

  • Painting, indoors & outdoors

  • Install & repair windows, doors, frames

  • Kitchen, cabinets, furniture assembly

  • Brickwork

  • System walls & (system) ceilings

Also for general home renovation, project renovation, maintenance, small jobs and repair work, including hanging and closing work, burglary prevention measures, installing fences, custom carpentry, glazing, etc., in collaboration with and ivo RoamlerTech and DIY help.

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OUTSOURCE your orders to us

As an entrepreneur you naturally want to be able to fully focus on your company, customers and products. Outsourcing jobs that are left behind is therefore not such a bad idea. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. By outsourcing your jobs to us, you save time and possible labor. Are you curious about which jobs you can outsource?

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Private or business | Always clear, always affordable!

Whether you want to professionally outsource your construction plans or renovations, whether you are a private individual or a business owner, we are your partner in realizing all your construction and renovation work. You can count on us for all your work at fair and affordable rates!
Building Maintenance

Do you want to have your property or private home maintained periodically? We are happy to carry out all occurring activities for you. We will assess the situation at the specific location and offer you a suitable quote for periodic maintenance.

Information without obligation 
No call-out costs

Your renovation or renovation is in safe hands with us. We are only satisfied when you are. We offer you specialist expertise and can advise you in advance about products and materials, including advice on which choice would be the right one for your situation. We offer you a suitable answer to every question. Thinking along with the customer and anticipating the situation is part of our customer-oriented approach

Customer-oriented advice (work)

During the project you often deal with the same people and a fixed contact person. Personal contact with you as a customer is very important to us. After all, your ideas and wishes are the starting point for the assignment. By looking at the possibilities with you on the spot, we can give you good advice and provide you with a complete and clear quotation. 

Posted on:  4/21/23
Posted by:  M Johnson

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122255911 Particulier I Sanitary I All work

This company is just great! Nice, friendly and experienced DUTCH (Sorry) people on staff, flexible with payments and often confused with a similar company that uses almost exactly the same name (and has bad reviews working with foreign staff). I just wanted to clarify that! They have done an excellent job on several of our properties and I personally highly recommend them. Mike, (Uden NB)

Posted on:  04-09-2022
Posted by:  Blankenstein Roel - Goedthard Vastgoed BV

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Their 'individuals' business unit is only active in Brabant, they should expand this to the whole of the Netherlands, but I understand the staff shortage in the Netherlands. Excellent service by the way!

Posted on:  30-03-2023
Posted by:  Curo Vastgoed BV

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122255874Zalijk I All work

Extremely correct, highly skilled and proactive in all solutions for our OG. Good business relationship and always ready for us.


Posted on:  11-06-2022
Posted by:  RPS Property Management - Breda

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122255869 Business

Due to staff shortages, assignments have been outsourced to CREI and they have become our support because of their involvement and quality of deliveries.

In one word excellent! 

Peter Van Schoor - Ing.
Together with RPS you keep a grip on your real estate.


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